Mini Marvels
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Little Horse Girl only 23 months old

Little Horse Girl only 23 months old

Mini Marvels:

Our Mini Marvels program is designed for Mommy/Daddy & Me, Caregivers and Kids the opportunity to enjoy, get to know and interact with our miniature horses.  This program offers the opportunity to bond with your child and experience the first “Mini” moments together.  Educating in a fun-filled way you and your child will learn the basics of horsemanship grooming, leading, and eventually for your little one with your help, riding.   We encourage creativity by allowing your child to dress up his/her Mini in fun costumes that they too will get to wear and art projects that include painting your Mini Marvel.  What better way to make memories! 
Located in Penryn on 20 beautiful park like acres our equestrian facility that hosts our Mini Marvel program not only offers you the hour long lesson but an hour to enjoy our picnic area and farm animals.   
 [googleMap name=”Penryn Oak Stables”]2460 Delmar Ave Penryn Ca[/googleMap]

Please call (916)367-9198 for details.  We look forward to hearing from you!